Vision Planning

The final element of session is to create awareness of current system limitations and creating the Vision Plan for future expansion, growth and reliability. Our goal is to optimize your audio system to its fullest potential. This gives your worship team and audio techs the ability to have consistency and reliability from week to week. Chances are your facility has enough variables from Sunday to Sunday. We want to provide a foundation for your team to build upon.
We provide, at no additional charge, a proposal for upgrades to current system. We document the items we find that need immediate attention and those which can be fixed in phases. As the needs of the church evolve, we have the experience and resources to provide comprehensive solutions. These solutions range from consulting to system integration and final commissioning. We are industry certified and pursue continuing education year after year. You are about to create a long-term relationship with a company who understand the dynamics of the church and has the desire to see the church expand its reach into the community.