Team Training

Our three step training and consultation sessions are truly awesome.

Step 1  We take time to thoroughly examine your audio, video and lighting system.  We fix the bad connections, re-wire the speakers properly, correct the EQ & crossover alignments to get your system operating to its fullest potential.

Step 2  We bring in the band, singers and everyone on production team.  We facilitate the workflow and show your team how to properly run a sound check.  Then we get to have more fun by going over mix techniques and doing some hands on training.  This part is awesome because it allows us to hear your band, with your system as its being ran by your tech team.

Step 3  We provide the Vision Plan which is a written outline of the all the items we corrected in Step 1 along with a proposal of new upgrades that could enhance the worship experience.  This includes but is in no way limited to new sound, lighting or video components, acoustical treatment, microphones or peripheral gear.  We break it down in order of importance to give you a step by step approach to upgrading.  There is much more we can cover as these sessions are uniquely tailored for each church.  Contact us today to visit more about how we can help your church.

View a summary of our Team Training days: Sound in Church Training Outline

2017 Resonate Training