Sound in Church Provides Excellent Sound Upgrade for Freedom Life Church


CARROLLTON, Texas—The upgrade of a Sound in Church newly optimized system—featuring relocated subs, new acoustic panels and a fully retuned room—sets the stage for Freedom Life Church in Carrollton, Texas located in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. The church was in need of a new acoustic panel treatment to achieve the next level of premium sound quality and control for the auditorium audio system. Sound in Church worked closely with Perdue Acoustics, the Amarillo, Texas based company, on the acoustic panel selection and design of the project.

The relocation of the subs, was one of the most essential components of the project. With the relocation of the subs from the ceiling to the floor, we were able to achieve reinforced low frequency by utilizing boundary effect with the subs. Relocation of the subs in the proper location with conjunction with acoustic panels gave the auditorium maximum clarity and punch to enhance the overall worship experience.

Ultimately, our heart is for worship. We made it a high priority to spend time dialing in the newly optimized system on a Wednesday night service with the Freedom Life Church worship and tech team to ensure optimum quality and verify all settings were precise. We don’t simply install a system and leave, we establish a relationship with your team to ensure the system is performing on an optimum level before completion. While we are working at multiple job sites simultaneously, it is never our goal to rush in and finish a job in record time and move on to the next job. Each project is extremely special and important, and we take pride in creating the best system possible and ensuring that your team is fully equipped.

“We know the importance of quality workmanship,” said Jonathan Gardner, Owner of Sound in Church. “Working with companies like Perdue Acoustics makes it so easy to install and create an environment that is conducive to creating the best worship experience possible.” 

Building Momentum

relentless youth worship

OKLAHOMA CITY—The arrival of audio, lighting and video system and sound engineer Jonathan Gardner at Destiny Christian Center two years ago has not only boosted the company’s system optimization and vision planning prestige, but provided added trust and faith to a growing network of Sound and Church clients.

Although Gardner has an extensive background in live concert production, his primary focus has been geared towards equipping the local church with the necessary tools that provide a technical aptitude of excellence in houses of worship, via training, consultation, and installation across the region.

Since the installation at Destiny Christian Center in May 2012, the company has contributed to substantial growth and improvement in church production by connecting with an ever-growing number of churches, and Gardner believes this is just the beginning.

Partnering with companies such as Blizzard Lighting, Sennheiser, Panasonic, Behringer/Midas, and Purdue Acoustics has been truly beneficial in providing clients with the best quality products that exist in the marketplace today.”Without this new generation of production equipment, the breakthrough we have seen in church worship experiences would have been much more difficult to achieve,” Gardner said.

Additionally, technical training is of utmost importance, he insists. “We build relationships with your tech team. It is not our intention to sell you a pallet of speakers, a new digital console and just hook it up and leave. We want your team to get familiar with the tools of our trade. We spend time going the extra mile with things like tech rehearsals and sound checks to make sure everything is working the way it should before we fully commission the system.

Our heart is for worship. Our goal is to create a pleasing worship environment where volunteers have the tools for the task. Everyone on our staff is involved with a church in some fashion. Whether as a worship leader, musician or sound engineer, we all work in the same environment you do. We understand that you cannot afford down time and your worship services and special events are mission critical.


Low Frequency Subwoofer part 1

Low Frequency, bottom end, BASS,  we can’t live without it.  But what does it take to create it?  What does it take to sustain it?  Subwoofers, bass bins, sub bass cabinets or whatever you choose to call them are all just motors.  Paper Motors, Seriously?  Think about the pushing of air from an 18″ woofer, its turning electrical energy into sound energy.  This sound energy is what makes your chest rumble and pant legs shake.  Multiple subwoofers working together can accentuate this effect.  When multiple subwoofers have different polarity, they will work against each other.  When multiple drivers are working together we can create directional focus of an otherwise omnidirectional speaker.  We use physics along with math to create the optimum placement for subwoofers in a live sound environment.  The placement of these drivers is very important to optimum bass reinforcement.

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Digital Wha?

The upgrade to digital has been an ongoing question for many churches.  Stage boxes, remote i/o, recording interfaces all have their own special form of connectivity, which is my main purpose for this post.  With as many formats of digital as there are manufactures of sound boards, the idea of choosing the right one can seem insurmountable.  Any of the wonderful digital console options are going to require the proper cabling infrastructure for launch and reliability of your new digital system.  Consider your options beyond the control surface.  Speak to a professional that understands the ins and outs of your current needs and     I encourage you to test drive a console before you buy.