Media Installation

Why we are the best candidate for your equipment installation.

Our heart is for worship. Our goal is to create a pleasing worship environment where volunteers have the tools for the task. We truly understand what will be taking place in your room on Sunday. Everyone on our staff is involved with a church in some fashion. Whether as a worship leader, musician or sound engineer, we all work in the same environment you do. We understand that you cannot afford down time and your worship services and special events are mission critical.

We build relationships with your tech team. It is not our intention to sell you a pallet of speakers, a new digital console and just hook it up and leave. We want your team to get familiar with the tools of our trade. We spend time doing extra things like tech rehearsals and sound checks to make sure everything is working the way it should before fully commission the system.

We know the importance of quality workmanship. We have all seen and heard the work of  “a guy in our church” or “a fella from the music store” who generously gave the church a really good deal on on their services only to end up in a worse situation that than of which it started. Our goal is not to rush in and hang speakers and move on to the next job. We are busy with multiple jobs but each one is special and important. We take pride in our wire preparation, our cable management is second to none and we love the way an equipment rack looks when she’s all wired up neatly. We offer extended warranty and preventative maintenance to keep your investment up and running.