Building Momentum

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OKLAHOMA CITY—The arrival of audio, lighting and video system and sound engineer Jonathan Gardner at Destiny Christian Center two years ago has not only boosted the company’s system optimization and vision planning prestige, but provided added trust and faith to a growing network of Sound and Church clients.

Although Gardner has an extensive background in live concert production, his primary focus has been geared towards equipping the local church with the necessary tools that provide a technical aptitude of excellence in houses of worship, via training, consultation, and installation across the region.

Since the installation at Destiny Christian Center in May 2012, the company has contributed to substantial growth and improvement in church production by connecting with an ever-growing number of churches, and Gardner believes this is just the beginning.

Partnering with companies such as Blizzard Lighting, Sennheiser, Panasonic, Behringer/Midas, and Purdue Acoustics has been truly beneficial in providing clients with the best quality products that exist in the marketplace today.”Without this new generation of production equipment, the breakthrough we have seen in church worship experiences would have been much more difficult to achieve,” Gardner said.

Additionally, technical training is of utmost importance, he insists. “We build relationships with your tech team. It is not our intention to sell you a pallet of speakers, a new digital console and just hook it up and leave. We want your team to get familiar with the tools of our trade. We spend time going the extra mile with things like tech rehearsals and sound checks to make sure everything is working the way it should before we fully commission the system.

Our heart is for worship. Our goal is to create a pleasing worship environment where volunteers have the tools for the task. Everyone on our staff is involved with a church in some fashion. Whether as a worship leader, musician or sound engineer, we all work in the same environment you do. We understand that you cannot afford down time and your worship services and special events are mission critical.


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