Low Frequency Subwoofer part 1

Low Frequency, bottom end, BASS,  we can’t live without it.  But what does it take to create it?  What does it take to sustain it?  Subwoofers, bass bins, sub bass cabinets or whatever you choose to call them are all just motors.  Paper Motors, Seriously?  Think about the pushing of air from an 18″ woofer, its turning electrical energy into sound energy.  This sound energy is what makes your chest rumble and pant legs shake.  Multiple subwoofers working together can accentuate this effect.  When multiple subwoofers have different polarity, they will work against each other.  When multiple drivers are working together we can create directional focus of an otherwise omnidirectional speaker.  We use physics along with math to create the optimum placement for subwoofers in a live sound environment.  The placement of these drivers is very important to optimum bass reinforcement.

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